Fix jailbreak ios 10 battery drain issues

Fix jailbreak ios 10 battery drain issue: iOS 10 has one of the greatest security updates and closes a lot of unwanted sites and unwanted applications. One of the major problems of the iOS 10 is battery draining. The iPhone users always have many complain of battery draining up to 20% within some minutes after full charging the phone. This is happing because Apple messed up with the updating firmware of the devices running on iOS 10 are suffering from fast battery daring. Very less population reported having battery life after firmware update.

Fix jailbreak ios 10 battery drain issue

There are some solutions which can help in fixing the battery problem on your ios 10

  • You need to update iOS devices to ios 10.3.3 beta firmware.
  • You need to downgrade to ios 10.3.1 for firmware while it’s still being signed by Apple.
  • Always check battery usage for that you need to go to setting then go to battery and then check the details under battery usage section. You have to see whether the applications are eating up the battery life of the device on a daily basis. Try to remove the applications that are using a lot of battery even if you are not using them for any work.
  • You need to enable auto-brightness and auto-lock system on your ios 10. For this you need to go to settings then display and brightness and then tap on turn off option on raise to wake and set on auto-lock to 30 seconds. Then for brightness, you need to go to settings and then general accessibility and then display accommodations and then enable it. 

There are many more things you can do about your battery darning of ios 10 problems. This is very primary solution as these problems lie with the firmware and are not an individual application. One of the important fix for these issues is by updating your firmware versions. Apple has taken charge to this plan will fix this as soon as possible.

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