Best file manager for Jailbreak ios 10 devices

Best file manager for Jailbreak ios 10 devices

Best file manager for Jailbreak ios 10: There are two fully-featured file managers which is available on Cydia like iFile and Filiza manager. Here both of them are excellent. But most preferable is Filze because of its more frequent updates.

Below are file manager for Jailbreak ios 10 devices:

Fileza for iOS 10
Fileza for iOS 10

Installing tweaks manually:

Sometimes it can be the tweaks you want is not available on Cydia repository. You can use your file manager to install the tweak on your device instead like by opening the file manager first. Then go to the file system where your file is located. If you send it from Airdrop or downloaded it from the browser you can open it with your file manager. Your new tweak should be saved as a name like something.deb file it is a debian package formed used by Cydia for installations. Then you need to select it and then information screen will open.

Then press on the installation button which is located in the top right to install your file. When you are done will installation then the output will be showed on the screen and will receive a pop up again.

After this process this will appear in the Cydia application in the installed tab with its repo list as unknown or local as you have not downloaded it from Cydia but it can be managed from there.

Remove or block iAds

You need to open the file manager then go to application. Then you have to locate the item, name This application will control your devices iAds. Then select the option rename. Then edit the file name and then touch on done in the top right to save your change. Next you have to go to library and delete the entire folder name. In Filza you have to swipe left on the items and press the delete button, you should do it. Then reboot and enjoy your ios device without any iAds.

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