Benefits of jailbreaking your ios 10 device

Benefits of jailbreaking your ios 10 device

Benefits of jailbreaking your ios 10 device: Jailbreaking is a tweak which helps in customizes your ios 10 to the fullest. If you are confused that you should or should not jailbreak apple device then this benefits can help you take a decision

Benefits of jailbreaking your ios 10 device

iOS 10 jailbreaking
iOS 10 jailbreaking

Benefits of jailbreaking your ios

1. Dark Mode:

This is one of the best and required features in ios. The people who have jailbreaked there device have the capability to use this feature. There is a perfect tweak for this is Eclipse 4 for using this you have to on the dark mode for every application which is installed and you will even get varieties of customizing options.

2. App Enhancements:

By jailbreaking you can enjoy lots of new features on ios 10. If you want to upload videos and photos easily from your camera then you should use phantom.  You can view snaps and other stories without keeping fingers on the screen.

3. File manager:

As we know ios have much limitation in everything from accessing even system files and customizing. There are some of the time when you need to fix an issue in system file but you are not allowed. Jailbreak gives you freedom of taking advantages of tweak like iFile.

4. Themes:

Jailbreak helps in to customize your ios 10 you will get the endless type of customization on your device. You can even change the theme of the whole device which will help in change of looks and icon of the device. You can change many things like home screen, customize the interface of the third party application and much more on your device.

5. Fancy animations:

Jailbreak gives you a facility to play with the fancy animation on your home screen. This will help you add animation to your home screen and add new themes to your old phone.

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