Pangu jailbreak ios 10 steps by step tutorial

Pangu jailbreak ios 10 steps by step tutorial

Pangu jailbreak ios 10: Ios 10 is one of the popular systems which come with all the popular iDevices. This application helps in opening your ios 10 devices with a lot of opportunities to the whole world. Jailbreak helps in customizing the ios 10 devices and helps in making your phone more useful and amazing.

Pangu jailbreak ios 10

Pangu jailbreak iOS10

How to download Pangu Jailbreak for ios 10

Some advantages which you may get for using these methods include not using any PC or Mac for installing it. The main important thing you will need is a perfect and stable connection of internet.

Step 1: with the ios 10 running you need to launch Safari by clicking on the icon.

Step 2: you need to visit to a official site in which you have to scroll down to the page and then tap you have to upload icon on iOs. Then again select to home screen option so that it appears next.

Step 4: then you have to change the name of application to Pangu and then tap on Add.

Step 5: now it’s safe and you may install the pangu application in your ios 10 device after this you will be trapping on the application for viewing and installing the latest updates available from the team of pangu jailbreak.

How to Jailbreak ios 10 using Paingu Jailbreak

One thing to keep in mind before jailbreaking you needs to open iTunes and enable airplane mode.

Step 1: first step involves in downloading pangu jailbreak in Mac or PC.

Step 2: Then you will be connecting your iphone or ipad after running and launching it.

Step 3: you need to click on the start button and then already back up button.

Step 4: for completion of jailbreak you need to wait for sometime.

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